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Happiness is also to DARE. IF YOU WANT IT, YOU OBTAIN IT, as we were told by our elders when we were children, and how true it was then. BUT now that we definitely have a better control of ourselves, we do not believe in that anymore. What’s stopping us? IT’S TIME TO BE HAPPY !


With all the distractions of modern life, it’s very easy to neglect those people who are closest to us. To achieve the happiness it’s important that we balance this aspect of our lives by giving and receiving support from our family and friends.
When we think about spending time together as Partners not only in business but also in life we organise our meetings in a way that also our friends and families can benefit and enjoy being Happy.
We also encourage and help leading Partners to run both business and social events in their sales regions.

We need to show to the others HOW TO BE HAPPY!

Everybody has the right to be HAPPY

Each journey starts from the very first step but you never know when or where it ends. When the moment of the first step comes, every person will consider carefully which way to go and which path to take.
Sometimes the path you choose to take can affect and even define your entire life. Choosing the Happy Way we’ll lead you to find your personal happiness in every aspect of your life.
When you think about your lifestyle, you probably think about your home, your work, your activities and perhaps your holidays. But have you ever been thinking what really makes you happy? You should, as the feeling of happiness covers everything you absorb both physically and mentally.
That’s why HC Group has been created to make the proper feeling we have covering every aspect of our life, with the ultimate goal of making every person HAPPY!

Compensation Plan

The easiest way to improve your happiness could be through the reduction of stress and the principle form of stress in modern life is finance related.
That’s why we’ve developed probably the most advanced remuneration programme in the world to help you enhance your personal balance sheet.

Our References

HC Group in the market

A fantastic success has been recognized to the concepts and the products of HC Group, both from professionals and customers with a very high fidelity level rate, whichever is the HC product considered.
It’s time to join us.

HC Group – Introduction

At HC Group we believe in happiness. Every person we meet and everything we do can lead to something that improves our lives. Strangers can become friends and friends can become Partners. Even a drop in income allows us to consider new ways to create wealth, which means our eyes are more open than ever to new opportunity – to be happy!
That’s why we believe this is the perfect time to take advantage of the current economic climate and the fast growing European direct selling industry.
In HC Group the new opportunity we offer is covering the entire European region and is the only NEW pan-European direct seller of nutrition products.
The combination of Celloergy® products, HC Group compensation plan, Partners support, training, unique business strategy and innovation in all aspects of its activity, is without doubt a formula for Happy success.

It is time to Be Happy!

Why HC Group?

  • The products
  • The HC Group Cmpensation Plan
  • The Partners
  • The right moment
  • Help Others Being Happy


Those factors are describing correctly why HappyCo is the right choice for you.



The prestigious WELCOME KIT is the perfect companion to take with you every day to present to new customers our range and all its benefits for the well-being:
the ideal solution to propose, persuade, invite to try and… sell!
The WELLCOME KIT HAPPY.CO contains in a smart wallet a series of indispensable materials to illustrate the most of our exceptional products:

  • The minibrochure which tells the philosophy of natural well-being at the base of and describes the characteristics of each product and its method of use;
  • A multi box containing 8 to 9 boxes of products, of your choise;
  • A Communication Set that includes notebook, sticky notes, pen, all personalized with our logo;
  • A custom USB stick containing the electronic versions of our brochures, institutional and emotional video, training materials.


  • Made with environmentally friendly high quality materials
  • Featuring an elegant graphics
  • Outstanding also as a gift for those who want to discover the world

Short Term

  • First Order Bonus (FOB) You receive additional 20% up to 30% of CV when your personally sponsored Partners place a first time order.
  • Retail sales. You earn the margin between the retail price and Partner purchase price.
  • Preferred Customers System. You receive payment of the margin between the Partner purchase price and Preferred Customer price. The volume (CV) generated contributes towards your Personal Volume.

Medium Term

  • 10% of the CV volume of the lesser leg with a maximum of €20,000 commission (200,000 CV on lesser leg).
  • Maximum 3 business centres. Maximum commissions on 3 business centres: € 60,000 per month.
  • Carry over authorised: the difference between the both legs will be carried over for the next month*.
  • Spill-over authorised: any up line can place a new Partner on any available position within his genealogy.
  • Commissions calculated every month; on the last day at midnight; paid on 10th of the following month.


*Carry Over Rules: Should a Partner remain inactive, any accumulated volume for the current commission period will be flushed. If the Partner is Active, but not Qualified the accumulated volume will be carried over for one month. If the Partner is Active but not Qualified for two consecutive months, the accumulated volume will be cutted in half. If the Partner is Active but not Qualified for three consecutive months, the accumulated volume will be flushed.

Long Term

Leadership Reward Bonus (LRB)

  • The reward bonus is calculated based on the commission paid to the down lines.
  • What does it mean? Depending on the qualification that the bonus gives to the Partner, Partner will receive 10-50% of the commission generated by all personally sponsored Partners (first line) and 2%-8% from 2-7 lines below.
  • The second line is built by the first liners personally sponsored Partners, the 3rd line is build by the Partners personally sponsored by the second line Partners and so on.
tab2 pricing structure

Prices in Euros for HC Group products are the same for every Partner around Europe.

The simple registration fee is €20 and includes permanent access to the web back-office and personalised web site. If you place your first order for products during the registration the fee will be for FREE!

Commission Value (CV) is the same across all markets and is calculated simply as 80% of the purchase price, making it easy to calculate for all of your genealogy (for every €100 purchase you receive 80 CV).

All you need to be an active Partner is a personal volume of 80 CV. Personal volume is the sum of the CV of your personal purchases and the CV of your customers purchases. All you need to be Qualified Partner (for the commission payment) is to be active and to have one personally sponsored Partner active during the period for which commission is calculated.

Preferred Customer Programme

If one of your preferred customers buys directly from the website the volume of the purchase (CV) will contribute towards your Personal Volume making easy for you to be active.

Smart programme

As a Partner you can automatically receive your order at any time during the month by using the Smart Programme.

BeHappy Programme

In addition to all of the other benefits HappyCo also awards the BeHappy Bonus to the senior ranks as follows: