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Our Customer Care team are here to make your HC Group experience inspiring, convenient and easy. To help you in advance, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about our services and products. If you have any other queries, please find our contact details at the bottom of the page.


Once you have registered and activated your account, you will be sent an email with your Identification Number, registered email address and Password. Then, using that information, click on the “Log In” icon on the top right of the page. Fill in your login details and you will be taken to My Happy Office Pages.

If you didn’t receive an activation email, please send an e-mail to office@myhappyco.com with your activation request. You must include your ID-Number: “please activate the account with NUMBER_ID”


Our products are sold exclusively through a global network of independent Distributors. You can order products in three different ways:

  1. As a Distributor
Whether you only want to order products for yourself and your family or start selling our products to others, you can register to become our Partner and get a discount on the catalogue prices.
  2. As a Customer 
You can place your order through one of many of our Partners. They will be able to give you advice, show product samples and answer your questions about our products and how to use them.
  3. As a Customer unregistered
    You can order products directly from the website without registering for an account, choosing from the list a recommending person.

The easiest way to pay is online. Login to My Happy Office and click the Finance tab and select Orders from the drop down menu. Here you will find your outstanding invoices. Simply click on the pay button to proceed to our payment page.There is no charge for using debit cards.

You can find it in your back office under Finance tab go to Orders, you will find a list of your Order History. Your Order information is also conveniently summarized for you with the infographic on the Order Page within My Happy Office.

In the Order Tab on My Happy Office, you will find links to your Subscriptions and Out of Stock products.


Standard delivery on all orders is 5-10 working days. Depending on shipping method and location.

It depends on your localization and the quantity of products purchased. Before the payment is finalized, the system will show  cost of shipping.

You can connect different orders which will be delivered to you. After choosing the delivery method you can select the option “connected order”. Available in EU.


There are two ways of making money with HC™. As a Partner, you can order products at a reduced price level and sell to the customers at catalogue price. Furthermore, you can
invite others to join HC™ as well and build a team of people or a network of distributors selling products, and thus earning additional income.

As a new Partner you will have a Sponsor as a coach, guiding and assisting you. Your coach will introduce you to Happy.co and help you with all the necessary information you need at the beginning. You can also choose to purchase a few recommended items to get you started, such as Catalogues, samples or demonstration products to show to others or try to familiarize yourself with our products. Your Sponsor will go over this in more details with you.

Commissions are calculated daily.

You can find commissions information in your back office under “Finance Tab” then “Commission Periods”. Once there select the commission periods you want to check and you will find detail information.

You can retrieve commissions earned by transferring money available. You can process transfer by going to Finance tab in your back office and select eWallet. Once in your eWallet page click on “Add transaction”, select type of transaction “hyperwallet” indicate amount $$$ to transfer and click “Next”, once you click next you can verify that information is correct and click “Realize transaction”.

Promotions show up during processing of order if applicable.


The HC™ Products are developed by Dr Gaetano Zannini R&D team and produced in Zannini Laboratories state of the art manufacturing plant in the south of France.

Additional materials can be downloaded from our website, which provides more technical and scientific information.

No, they are considered food supplements and they are registered in each country as such.

All HC™  Products are registered with the appropriate authorities according to local rules and regulations. The HC™ Products production is ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 22.000 certified and our manufacturing plant comply with the US Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations (GMPs).

No, HC™ Products are only available from Happyco’s website and registered HC™ Partners.

Each Orogranule is a small sphere made of 100% natural origin active principles coming
from: micronutrition (vitamins, oligo elements, minerals, fatty acids, etc), aromatherapy and
phytotherapy. The active ingredients are progressively and simultaneously integrated from
a 100μ core to make the final spherical complex we call Orogranule. They are indicated in the box labels.

Every box and blister have an expiration date. From production the expiration date is 3 to 5 years.

Inside each product box  there are 15 packs with1 blister (half a blister per day) each, in an easy to carry box. There are 8 Orogranules per blister for a total of 120 Orogranules per box.

Information about the recommended dosage can be found in the leaflet, which is inside every product box. The recommended dosage is 4 Orogranules (1/2 a blister) per day, following the daily rhythm indicated on the blister itself.

The HC™ Products have been researched intensively and are recommended to be taken at a specific point of time during the day in order to maximize the benefit. The studies have shown that our body has different nutritional needs during the day. Therefore, maximum benefit for the organism is obtained by providing the right ingredients to the body at the right time of the day. Essentially this can be summarized as one in the early morning, one before noon, one at the end of the afternoon and one in the evening or before going to bed. You can also take the two daily Orogranules together in the late afternoon. The blister clearly indicates when to take the appropriate Orogranule for your organism.
1 Orogranule™ of Morning in the Morning,
2 Orogranules™ of Daily, one before noon and one at the end of the afternoon (or both at once before noon),
1 Orogranule™ of Evening before going to sleep.

Recommended dosage can be doubled, if required:
2 Orogranule™ of Morning in the morning
4 Orogranules ™ of Daily, two before noon and two eventually at the end of the afternoon
2 Orogranule™ of Evening before going to sleep.
Our food supplements are completely safe and there is no risk of overdose. However, the dosage indicated on the labels is sufficient to provide the desired results.

There is no advantage to putting the Orogranule under your tongue. Absorption is more effective when placed on the tongue or in the mouth. The Orogranules can be progressively sucked or eventually chewed, even if this way is less recommended, and do not need to be taken with water, milk or food.

Some of you have been surprised by the different colors that granules could have in different batches of our products. As you know, the final color of granules is linked to the whole complex of natural ingredients we use. It’s evident that each batch of each natural raw material may have different color following what nature decides… Being in our
production process one batch of raw materials equivalent to one production, each batch of finished product could have different colors, as result of the combination of all the natural ingredients used. This variability could explain also some differences in the taste of
granules. This is absolutely normal for a natural product and it’s a positive confirmation of the naturality also of the production process.

We recommend consulting a Doctor before taking any medication with whichever food supplement, including HC™ Products. The eventual contraindications are indicated in the part “WARNING” in the label.

Yes, you can associate a single dose of the different products, but we do not recommend taking HC™ Energy and HC™ Relax at the same time as they have opposite effects.

All the HC™ Products are absolutely gluten free with the exception of HC Junior.

All the HC™ Products do not contain added sugar, so they can be used without any problem by diabetic patients.

With an amazing 12 HC™ Products to address the most common nutritional needs of consumers there is a significant opportunity to begin building a successful business today. Nevertheless, HC™ is already planning to expand the range in the future. An official announcement will go to Leaders first and then to HC™ Partners immediately after. This will be a few weeks before any new product  launch and a special event will be organized by HC™. Another fantastic opportunity to
join us immediately!!!

Pregnant women should not take HC™ Products. HC™ JUNIOR can be taken by children over 3 years old. Although the risk is low, to people suffering from celiac disease we do not recommend the use of HC JUNIOR. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in one of our products, we strongly advise you to consult your Doctor before taking any of our supplements.