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The easiest way to improve our happiness is the reduction of our stress and the principle form of stress in modern life is health and finances related.

At HC Group we believe in happiness. Every person we meet and everything we do can lead to something that improves our lives. Strangers can become friends and friends can become Partners. Even a drop in income allows us to consider new ways to create wealth, which means we are more open than ever to new opportunity  to be happy! That’s why we believe this is the perfect time to take advantage of the current economic climate and the fast growing direct selling industry.
The combination of the exclusive and fantastic Cellœrgy concept, the HC products, The HC compensation plan, The Partners support, training, The unique business strategy and the innovation in all aspects of our activity, is without doubt a formula for a real Happy success.

It is time to Be Happy!


During the last three years we at HAPPY.CO have been studying and learning. We have been dedicated to fully understand this new, for us, world of network marketing, to finalise the best approach for helping people to be happy and to create a fantastic offer both in well-being and in business. Now, strong of this experience, we have  decided to simplify and dynamise the whole structure of HAPPY.CO.
The HC group is the result of the new international structure, organized for a rapid and straight enlargement worldwide, of the improvement of the HC™ software, easy and user friendly, of the new back office complete and skilled, of the new very attractive marketing tools and plan. These are only some of our new HC group main benefits, to build a lasting and satisfactory personal improvement through a fantastic mission.
A very important project of new Cellœrgy™ and dermo aesthetics products launching is already planned for the next few months and years.


“Nature always
expresses itself :
you only need
to know how
to understand
it and observe
it with humility”

The innovation and ethic, through the respect of nature and environment.



We want to be:

  1. The reference MLM company in the field of natural health in the next 5-10 years

  2. The company that has the trust and the fidelity of all its customers

  3. A constantly forward looking company

  4. An extraordinary team to work with and be part of


The main target of the company
is to help people find their own
way to happiness and help them
live their life in the right way
through the rediscovery
of natural health.


We can make this real, together with the HC™ friends, through the following:


The development and diffusion, both in scientific and geographical terms, of Celloergy™ and HC ™ products starting from the whole Europe, USA and then moving to the rest of the continents.


The continuous innovation of the HC™ products as natural tools available to everybody and for everybody.


The continuous development and maintaining of the ethical, quality and safety value of the HC™ products and of the entire HC Group™ project, already guaranteed by the whole of the company and by every single HC™ friend.


The involvement and participation of all the HC™ friends in the HC™ charity programs all over the world, through the financing and/or the realization of specific HC group donations.
If you share these values, you’re already a happy friend !

It’s time to be happy !

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The easiest way to improve our happiness is the reduction of our stress and the principle form of stress in modern life is health and finances related.
HC Group want to contribute to find this easiest way.




The prestigious WELCOME KIT is the perfect companion to take with you every day to present to new customers our Happy.co range and all its benefits for the well-being:
the ideal solution to propose, persuade, invite to try and… sell!
The WELLCOME KIT HAPPY.CO contains in a smart wallet a series of indispensable materials to illustrate the most of our exceptional products:

  • The minibrochure which tells the philosophy of natural well-being at the base of Happy.co and describes the characteristics of each product and its method of use;
  • A multi box containing 8 to 9 boxes of Happy.co products, of your choise;
  • A Communication Set that includes notebook, sticky notes, pen, all personalized with our logo;
  • A custom USB stick containing the electronic versions of our brochures, institutional and emotional video, training materials.


  • Made with environmentally friendly high quality materials
  • Featuring an elegant graphics
  • Outstanding also as a gift for those who want to discover the world Happy.co
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Celloergy™ is the exclusive natural micronutritional supplier to restore the weakened body energy by acting simultaneously and immediately on all the sources of the imbalance to be solved, at the heart of cells, respecting the natural needs of our biorhythm.

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A fantastic success has been recognized to the concepts and the products of HC Group, both from professionals and customers with a very high fidelity level rate, whichever is the HC product considered. It’s time to join us.

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