“Nature always expresses itself :
you only need to know
how to understand it
and observe it
with humility”


The innovation and ethic, through the respect of nature and environment.
Our History

All About HC Group

The easiest way to improve your happiness
is the reduction of stress
and the principle form of stress in modern life
is health and finance related.

With this in mind, three years ago we created the new Company HAPPY.CO™, which mission was to give the opportunity for people to be HAPPY and help them through our products, both in a health as well as an ethical development point of view.
Starting a new Company with such an innovation in such a turbulent moment was not easy, but our roots were strong and our branches ready to grow quickly.
Today, we have structured a very thin and effective group, in Lugano (Switzerland), in order to answer in the best way and in the shortest time to the changing needs and requests of people worldwide. Flexibility and reactivity are the goal of all our international customer relationship persons for satisfying all our customers and partners.

Our Numbers

HC Group International

The easiest way to improve our happiness is the reduction of our stress and the principle form of stress in modern life is health and finances related.
HC Group wants to contribute to find this easiest way.


We want to be:

  • The reference MLM company in the field of natural health in the next 5-10 years;
  • The company that has the trust and the fidelity of all its customers;
  • A constantly forward looking company;
  • An extraordinary team to work and cooperate with.

The main target of the company is to help people find their own way to happiness and help them live their life in the right way through the rediscovery of natural health.

Our References

HC Group in the market

A fantastic success has been recognized to the concepts and the products of HC Group, both from professionals and customers with a very high fidelity level rate, whichever is the HC product considered. It’s time to join us.

We can make this real, together with the HC™ friends, through the following:


The development and diffusion, both in scientific and geographical terms, of Celloergy™ and HC ™ products starting from the whole Europe, USA and then moving to the rest of the continents.


The continuous innovation of the HC™ products as natural tools available to everybody and for everybody.


The continuous development and maintaining of the ethical, quality and safety value of the HC™ products and of the entire HC Group™ project, already guaranteed by the whole of the company and by every single HC™ friend.


The involvement and participation of all the HC™ friends in the HC™ charity programs all over the world, through the financing and/or the realization of specific HC group donations.
If you share these values, you’re already a happy friend !

It’s time to be happy !